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mit dem Rhön-Zügle

Incredibly useful: Man and his animals

This exhibition delves into the history of the relationship between man and "working animals". This includes animals that were tamed by man and useful in agriculture.

Regardless whether large or small, whether cow or chicken, each animal is uniquely useful and is therefore breed, raised, tended to and ultimately, slaughtered.

Furthermore, this exhibition explores such topics as feeding livestock, the development of barns and stables, as well as the impact of working animals on the physical appearance of the landscape.

Even so-called pests — animals we consider to be the opposite of useful — are discussed in this exhibition. Of what use are bees, goats or even silver foxes? What is understood by the term "working animal"? And what sort of relationship do you have to animals?

The exhibition runs from 21 May until 5 November 2023.

Pracht Prunk Protz 2013